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Double standards, hypocrisy, and the mind on coffee, prozac, and too much time

So I got promoted to full-time at work. I mean, I could honestly just settle here. Get a good retirement, good health benefits, a fun team, stock-sharing, job security. Isn't that what anyone wants in a career? Couldn't I just stop here and quit worrying about having a career eventually? Of course I want to be educated, so I'm not going to quit school of course. Although it doesn't seem worth all the debt I'll be in after graduation.

Anyone I've mentioned this to has said "don't settle" or "you can do so much more". For one, I can't. That's not to be self-defeating or pessimistic, but I'm really good at customer service and have basically no other skills or training that would qualify me for anything else. People make careers out of these types of jobs all the time, whether it be a dental receptionist or a grocery store manager. For two, I have everything right now, benefits-wise, to set me up for a decent life and decent retirement. A lot of careers, even those requiring masters degrees, dont have that luxury. I would love to have a "cool" job, like archives or museum curator, but frankly it's just not realistic. I'm not setting just yet, of course I'm going to keep looking at my options and keep trucking through school but what I'm doing now is not a bad second option at all.

I held the notion for so long that these "simple" jobs are not good enough (just for me. I'd never shame someone else for choosing that path) and to strive for more. But this path may just be more feasible and profitable than any "cool" career I could acquire.

10:26 a.m. - 2020-10-15


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