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Time is gonna take so much away

I think it's really neat that any life path you choose is okay. Conventional, unconventional, it doesn't matter. It's okay if you want kids, it's okay if you don't. Having this choice and realizing it is so so important.

It certainly makes me feel better about being 25 with no degree yet, and getting a new job at a high end CBD shop. I'm low-key really embarrassed about these things but I'm just glad to be working again and to at least be on the path to a degree, even if it's just my AA.

I love hearing about people's different life paths. Of happily married couples who don't want kids or a fantastic career, they just wanna hang out and love each other. Or people who live in the woods alone and enjoy the tranquility of fishing every day without dealing with the stress and noise of marriage, kids, and a debilitating corporate job. Or people who are married, have kids, a standard 9-5, and are genuinely happy. I think the ultimate goal for everyone is just to be happy. I wish more people followed their own path to happiness, whatever route they make take to get there.

When Im in the dumps about my life path, I listen to Jeffrey Lewis' song "Time Trades". I highly recommend it to anyone who feels directionless.

It's important to realize too that there isn't a dream job for everyone. Some people straight up don't want to work at all. Contributing to society is important and required but I hate the idea that there is a dream job for everyone, because there isn't. Even if there was, many folks can't attain certain jobs due to a plethora of inevitable life circumstances. Disability, money, shitty upbringing, forced into a caretaker role, whatever.

I'm not really sure what I'm going on about, goodbye

11:27 a.m. - 2019-09-17


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