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More caffiene, new me.

My previous post was a hazy, sleepy, sad sack with a keyboard. I've had a massive cup of coffee since then, some time to reflect, and here I am to clarify some things.

John Waters has really awakened something in me. That's why I feel like it's so important to go see him live, to pay extra to meet him. Beyond the fact that he's simultaineously a cult and pop culture icon, I have an entirely new arsenal of things to consider and think about. He's awakened sort of my own semi-awakening. I write in my film class a lot about "minorities amongst minorities", a concept that I previously thought no one would agree with or understand, especially in this political climate, but in all the things I've read about John Waters, he brings up this idea a lot.

He felt that way as a kid, a gay lad who didn't really fit into the gay community. I feel like that all the time. In public school I had a group of "emo" friends that I absolutely did not fit in with, though we all liked the same music. We were a small anti-cult, and none of us *really* enjoyed each others company, we just didn't have another group to flock to.

I knew that this research project was going to change me. Am I that malleable and uncertain? Sometimes, yeah.

Anyway, I'm determined to navigate New York and shake John Waters' hand.

For the record, I care about people a lot, and there isn't anything wrong with me.

3:44 p.m. - 2019-11-24


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