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My day in Portland and other stuff:

-The museum I've been planning to attend (The only Cryptozoology museum in the world) was closed, so that was a huge bummer
-Walked around downtown Portland looking for a bathroom until my parking meter ran out. A super nice lady at a sock store let me use their employee bathroom purely out of the kindness of her heart. Of course I bought socks from her. Two knee high pairs featuring cows being funneled up to a UFO (one for me and one for Devin)
-Downtown Portland is kind of a dump
-Saw a lighthouse
-Watched a two elderly women get married from afar on the cliff walk
-Really wished I saw a moose (never seen one before. Also didn't know they're a kind of deer and the exact same thing as an Elk)
-Saw a waterfall
-Had a great dinner at Cracker Barrell
-Brought four incredible cones (not sure if pine cones or otherwise) home with me that I found on my hike. Can't stop thinking about how cones are basically tree eggs.

Now I'm sitting at my alter having a beer, wondering why my pussy won't stop itching, and wondering how I can join the Possum Society of America as well as The Satanic Temple, and wondering if there would be any overlap between the two.

Jarrod is awake. His mom sent me pictures of what he looks like and wow it ain't good. I'm really haunted by those pictures and got sent home from work for crying over it.

Yoga has been doing me really well. I've been listening to Hole a lot, which I think speaks volumes about where I am mentally and emotionally. I've been putting a lot of thought into becoming a Girl Scout leader, since it involves all of my favorite things: girl power, crafts, and the woods. Too bad I can't make a career out of something like that. The thought of teaching a little girl how to kayake and love herself and identify poison ivy makes my heart skip through a meadow of sunshine and sweet smelling dirt and wet grass.


Stuff that I have on my altar:

-A Doterra essential oil diffuser
-A coyote skull that I bought from a powwow
-A muskrat skull I found in Providence (trash park)
-A snook spine I found in Jensen Beach
-A painting I did of a black cat
-So many cones (pine or otherwise)
-A lotus candle holder
-A sprig of Anticypress from HP Lovecrafts grave sight
-So many candles
-The piece of wood I found in Smithfield that looks like a vagina
-A painting of a fox by a local artist
-A jar with a pheasant wing that my mother in law found
-A jar of little pieces of metal we've dug from the ground while metal detecting
-A Santa Marta saint candle
-A lil statue of a goddess, surrounded by our wedding candles. One gold, for masculinity, one silver, for femininity, and one yellow, for lifelong friendship.
-A 6 inch railroad spike I found (also in trash park) from a bridge in Providence built in the 1800s
-A cubit rod (an ancient Egyptian measuring tool) that I made for my History of Mathematic class, featuring runes corresponding to the units of measurement


9:56 p.m. - 2021-02-23


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